Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Application for a Permit to Construct or Alter a Building Intended for Use as a Dairy Plant for New Applicants
The Milk Act (R.S.O. 1990, c.M12), s.14 (1), (2), and (3) and Regulation 761

You will be asked to attach:

  • Two copies of drawings and specifications of the proposed construction or alteration.
  • A site plan showing your plant location relative to the other buildings around you and what activities are carried on in those buildings.
  • Plant drawings drawn to scale that:
    • Show the floor plan of each level of the plant, that the plant is big enough for the planned activities, the details of the interior spaces
    • Identify the use/function of all areas and show that there is enough separation between incompatible operations (preferably within separate rooms). For example, keeping raw milk area/processes separate from pasteurized milk areas/processes
    • Show the flow of people through the facility in relation to the flow of incoming ingredients through processing, packaging, storage and distribution
    • Where applicable, show the desired temperatures in each aging/curing room and refrigerated storage room
    • Show all access points from the exterior (doors and windows), as well as any other opening to the exterior (for example, hose port openings and exhaust fans)
    • Show the location of all interior doors and partitions between rooms
    • Show all major pieces of equipment and their location
    • Where appropriate, show equipment specifications and piping and instrumentation diagram (e.g., for new HTST system)
    • Show the location of drains and indicate the floor slope to those drains
    • Show that the junctions between floors and walls are properly coved and sealed
    • Show the location of lighting throughout the plant and indicate the light intensity levels in each area
    • Identify the air flow patterns from higher pressure areas to lower pressure areas
    • Identify the areas where there is a high risk for product contamination
    • Show foot baths and/or floor foamers, hand-wash sinks, washrooms, restricted areas and other control mechanisms designed to prevent cross-contamination from employees and material moving through the plant
    • Show the receiving bay and all product handling pipelines, if applicable