This application is required to make changes to the species of milk used, type of plant, milk class or subclass at a licenced dairy plant receiving cow milk. Details of these changes are provided in Regulation 761, s.96 (2) under the Milk Act (Ontario).

This application will require:

  • A list of all additional products to be manufactured at this plant, indicating the species of milk, the classes and subclasses of cow milk, if applicable and any specialty product(s) (e.g. organic, grass fed, DHA, Ultra Kosher). See Table in section 11, Regulation 753 under the Milk Act.
  • An attached a letter from the Dairy Farmers of Ontario indicating the allotted volume of milk, the milk classes, and under what program that milk supply is being issued.
  • The names of the Plant Milk Graders employed at the facility.