Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Application for a Permit to Construct or Alter a Building Intended for Use as a Dairy Plant
For Existing Licensed Plants
under the Animal Health Act, 2009 and (O. Reg. 584/20)
The Milk Act (R.S.O. 1990, c.M12), s.14 (1), (2), and (3) and Regulation 761

You will be asked to attach 2 copies of drawings and specifications of your proposed construction or alteration:

  • You will be asked to attach 2 copies of drawings and specifications of your proposed construction or alteration:
  • Plant drawings, drawn to scale that::
    • Show the floor plan of each level of the plant, the scale used and a legend explaining the symbols used
    • Show that the plant is designed with adequate space to meet the intended activities, provides for effective employee flow (employees can easily move in and around the plant and equipment to facilitate orderly processing) and provides enough space to properly clean and sanitize equipment and facilities
    • Show details of the interior spaces, drawn to scale
    • Identify the use/function of all areas and show that there is enough separation between incompatible operations (preferably within separate rooms). For example, keeping raw milk area/processes separate from pasteurized milk areas/processes
    • Show the flow of people through the facility in relation to the flow of incoming ingredients through processing, packaging, storage and distribution
    • Where applicable, show the desired temperatures in each aging/curing room and refrigerated storage room
    • Show and clearly identify all access points from the exterior (doors and windows), as well as any other opening to the exterior (for example, hose port openings and exhaust fans)
    • Show the location of all interior doors and partitions between rooms
    • Show all major pieces of equipment and their location
    • Where appropriate, show equipment specifications, piping and instrumentation diagram (e.g., for new HTST system)
    • Show the location of drains and indicate the floor slope to those drains
    • Show that the junctions between floors and walls are properly coved and sealed
    • Show the location of lighting throughout the plant and indicate the light intensity levels in each area (Lux)
    • Identify the air flow patterns from higher pressure areas to lower pressure areas
    • Identify the areas where there is a high risk for product contamination
    • Show foot baths and/or floor foamer locations, hand-wash sinks, washrooms, restricted areas and other control mechanisms designed to prevent cross-contamination from employees and materials moving throughout the plant
    • Show the receiving bay and all product handling pipelines, if applicable